Thrymheim Icelandic Sheepdogs
Thrymheim's Icelandics is offering Arbakki Bangsi for stud

Bangsi is the Great nephew of the 2010's  #3 Icelandic Sheepdog & 2011 Best of Opposite sex
winner at the 135 annual Westminster Dog Show
CH. Isi Kaffisukkolathi

Nephew of 2010's #7 Icelandic Sheepdog Arbakki Snorri

Bangsi's Grandsire Isi Kappusino was a top sire for 2010

Nephew of 2011's  #5 and # 7 Icelandic Sheepdogs
GCH. Arbakki Magni and GCH. Arbakki Snorri

Cousin to 2011's  #14 Icelandic Sheepdog
Fox Meadow Jolasveinn

These statistics make this family line one of the most successful in the USA to date
Bangsi at 10 months