Patrick Files Jewelry Designs
Sometimes we meet some really awesome folks because of dogs, Patrick is one of those folks.  Patrick doesn't own an
Icelandic Sheepdog, but loves dogs and has an appreciation for Nordic art and culture resulting in his discovering the
Icelandic Sheepdog and us.  Icelandic Sheepdogs here in America are very fortunate that he has befriended our breed.

Patrick has donated his custom jewelry, which is hand carved and cast using the lost wax method, to the Icetoberfest
raffle to raise money for the National Icelandic Sheepdog Rescue Alliance (NISRA).

He then custom designed a Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) based on the Icelandic Wolf's Head hammer found at a historic
excavation, for my trip to the 139th Westminster Dog Show, changing the wolf's head bail into an Icelandic Sheepdog
head.  I now always have an Icelandic Sheepdog looking up at me no matter where I go.

I am proud to own Patrick's original Icelandic Sheepdog Hammer design, but then he offered to mold it and offer them
as a fund raiser for the NISRA.  A portion of each sale of Patrick's Icelandic Sheepdog Thor's Hammer goes to the breed'
rescue group.

Patrick's designs can be cast in Brass or Silver.  You can email
Patrick at the link above to chat with him about custom
hand cast jewelry designs and pricing.
Patrick's Icelandic Sheepdog Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) hand carved in wax taking

The original Icelandic Sheepdog Hammer that made its debut at the 139th Annual Westminster Dog Show.
Brass Icelandic Sheepdog Hammers $65.00 with a generous donation going to the NISA
Laila Kokins of Canada's Icelandic Sheepdog hammer in Silver.  While Patrick has a mold, each is
hand cast and has their own character
Silver Icelandic Sheepdog Hammers $110.00 with a generous donation going to the NISRA
Patricks cast Torq bracelet with Dragon terminal ends and Viking Knit bracelet with Raven Terminal ends -
and yes, he can do Icelandic Sheepdog terminals!!
Dragon and Raven terminal ends after
Viking knit chains with Raven terminal ends for
Icelandic Sheepdog Hammer's  on their way to
Canada and Iceland in silver.
Patricks donation to the NISRA raffle
Keep an eye out for other very cool canine creations designed with the Nordic dog in mind.