Lukehaven Icelandic Sheepdogs is located in Lexington, Massachusetts. We breed very infrequently. I am an
Approved Breeder by the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America, the National breed club for Icelandic
Sheepdogs.  I have also attended Avidog Seminars, and I am an approved
Avidog Breeder. Puppies will be raised with early neurological stimulation techniques, and will be closely

We have been involved in conformation and agility with our Icelandic sheepdogs since 2009.  We have always
had companion dogs in the past, including Border Collies, Collies, Pembroke welsh Corgis, Australian
Shepherds, and a Havanese. These dogs were beloved members of our family, butnone captured our hearts as
much as our Icelandic sheepdogs.

We started with Betsy, who was rehomed from a farm in Michigan at the age of 1. She is now 10 years old.  
She had no training when she came to us, so we were always catching up with her. She actually is wonderful
with children, informs us when one of the other dogs is breaking rules, and could be an excellent nosework
dog. She was very good in herding and has a PT title.

Then we imported Bjarkarkots Hroi Hottur Luke from Iceland. His breeder was Erla Bjork.   Luke was one of
those special dogs. He shined in the conformation ring, and was Best of Breed twice at Westminster, Best of
Breed at the AKC Eukanuba National in 2013, had his PT title in AKC herding, and in agility achieved the AKC
PAX title, and was 23 points short of his PACH title when he suddenly became ill and died 11 days later from a
meniogoma , a brain tumor at the age of 7.He was my buddy, greeted everyone enthusiastically. He was one
of 2 dogs to participate in both the first Westminster agility trial and the conformation trial in 2014. His photo
was in the New York Times, and another photo was displayed on the large NASDAQ board in Times Square.
You could see him on Good Morning America for ½ a second. I miss him every day and I named my kennel to
honor him. He made us so proud and happy. Fortunately, I own his daughter Scout, who has also brought me
great happiness. She was bred by Amber Jessop in Utah. She is the only Icelandic sheepdog to be both a
Grand Champion in Conformation and a Masters Agility Champion (MACH) in AKC agility. She is also cuddly, a
wonderful companion, and good with children. When we walk in the woods, she is the first dog to return to
me. Scout’s eyes are regularly checked and her hips have been rated Good by OFA.

I also now have Luke’s son, Roy (Tri-Star Hroi Hottur Roy) who is now 10 weeks old and was conceived via
frozen semen . His breeder is Sheryl Thelen in Michigan, and I will be eternally grateful to Sheryl for repeating
a breeding with Haugardsminde’s Sma. The first litter with Sma and Luke produced Tri-Star Jord, AKA Rain
owned by Pat Gaudette. Rain was BOB at Westminster in 2015 and 2016, and she has multiple titles in Rally
Obedience, Obedience, Barn Hunt , and Lure Coursing.  She is of course a half sister to Scout.

I then imported Brooke (CH Dranga Brak OA OAJ) from Iceland. I had fallen in love with photos of her mother
and aunt by her breeders, Hrefna Sigfusdottir, and Agust Agustsson on Facebook, and was thrilled when they
told me I could have Brooke, who is named Brak after a heroine in the Icelandic Sagas. In my eyes, she is so
beautiful like her dam, aunt , and sire. She connected with me at the age of 5 weeks, and is typically at my
side.  She was a slow developer, somewhat of anugly duckling as an adolescent, so I have not shown her
much in conformation, particularly since in the Northeast we do not have many Icelandic sheepdogs showing at
the conformation shows. However, she loves agility- is faster than Scout, but her enthusiasm has interfered
with clean run success- but this should improve over time. She is an AKC champion in conformation and is now
competing in AKC Excellent Agility, although we have been on hiatus since she has been bred. Brooke’s eyes
are free of defects, and her hips were rated Excellent by OFA.  One of her  3 littermate brothers recently also
scored Excellent hips by OFA.

Both Scout and Brooke have been bred to AKC GCH Isneista Alspora Snati. Snati is bred and owned by Thordur
Runolfssonin Oklahoma. I had seen Snati many times at dog shows and I admired his conformation and
temperament.  He was always calm, and did not react to other male dogs. He stayed with us for a month this
fall to facilitate these breedings. He was so sweet, followed me everywhere, that I hated to send him back to
Thordur. I am so pleased that Thordur allowed these breedings. Temperamentally, these should be very
special puppies- not too reactive, smart, biddable, with fine conformation. Snati is also a special Icelandic
sheepdog in that he has double dew claws on all four paws, which is why his name includes Alspora. Perhaps
one or two of the puppies will be an Alspora. Snati was Best of Breed at the 2016 National Specialty at Purina
Farms, Missouri in 2016. The judge was Pat Putnam, who when she was very young worked with the man who
helped preserve the breed, Mark Watson when he lived in California.

I am also the Founder and President of the Board of Directors of the rescue organization for Icelandic
sheepdogs, National Icelandic Sheepdog Rescue Alliance, NISRA  

Icelandic Sheepdogs are not for everybody. They are happiest when they are given love, attention, and
exercise. Typically, they are not hyperactive, and like most dogs sleep a good part of the day, but if not given
attention, they can get into mischief.  It is important to respond to the barking by not reinforcing it, perhaps
putting it on a direct command, and rewarding “Quiet.” They respond well to clicker training, They generally
prefer to be with their people. As I write this I have four Icelandic sheepdogs in the room with me. If left
outside in a fenced in yard, they might dig, bark at squirrels and chipmunks, as well as bask in a cool sun.
Their barking could irritate nearby neighbors. They have a double coat, with the inner layer insulating them.
They should not be shaved, but a warm climate is not ideal for them, and in that climate air conditioning is a
necessity. My icelandics blow their coat once or twice a year, and only need a bath before conformation
shows, or if they have managed to find a very aromatic spot in the woods to wiggle in. They do not have a
doggy odor. I walk them off leash in the woods, and they are fine hiking companions. They have endurance,
and return to me after theychase squirrel and deer. Often, an Icelandic sheepdog will live to 14-17 years.
Cancers occur, but they are relatively rare in this breed.

Please check out my photos of Luke, Scout, Brooke, and Snati. If you are interested in a puppy, please
complete a puppy application and email it to  Puppies are due in early
December. I also have a Facebook Page, and puppy photos will probably first be placed on that site.  
Lukehaven Icelandics