Lokasteinn Icelandic Sheepdogs

Lokasteinn Icelandics in north central Pennsylvania is the home of Russ
and Linda Hansen and their family of Icelandic Sheepdogs.  The name
´Lokasteinn´which translates to Keystone in Icelandic was chosen
because they live in PA, the Keystone State.  Their Icelandics are active
in AKC agility, rally and obedience and each has earned multiple titles.  
Their dogs are certified Therapy Dogs and two have been trained as
Service Dogs.

Russ and Linda believe that breeding is a privilege, not a right and they
take their responsibility for the stewardship of the Icelandic Sheepdog
Breed seriously.  They breed following the AKC breed standard and follow
ISIC breeding guidelines.  All dogs are registered with AKC and must pass
OFA or PennHIP hip tests and annual CERF exams before breeding.  Dogs
are only bred after they are two years of age.  As responsible breeders,
they breed for genetic and physical health, intelligence and trainability,
athletic ability and a stable temperament with an emphasis on good

Lokasteinn Icelandics produces dogs for conformation, agility, obedience
and herding, but most importantly, they produce dogs to be loyal and
loving members of your family.

Lokasteinn puppies are whelped and raised at home in the family room
and receive daily handling and snuggling.  The puppies begin Early
Neurological Stimulation Exercises beginning on day 3.  These exercises
help the puppies learn to explore new situations with a healthy curiosity
and sense of confidence.  The puppies receive socialization with humans
and animals and introduction to sights, sounds, smells and surfaces they
will encounter in their new homes.  These activities help the puppies
mature into confident, inquisitive, social and affectionate dogs who will
be loyal, loving companions for their new families.
Nor'Star Disa Be Kiska, RN NAP NJP OJP CGC TDI
Lokasteinn Visa, RN NAP CGC TDI
Blue Zafir Esja Ánægja, RN NA NAJ CGC TDI