Lokasteinn Edda Rún

this page and a donation to Icelandic Sheepdog Breed rescue was made by Edda's breeder's
Lokasteinn Icelandics in PA.
Edda is in Vermont's beautiful and scenic Northeast Kingdom, where she
lives on a farm with Icelandic horses. She loves to take walks on trails in
the woods and to play ball, both in the backyard and in the hayfields
where she can run fast and far. In the winter she'll go snowshoeing with
her family. Edda's owners consider her a perfect companion dog and
report that she is very friendly toward people, other dogs, and cats. They
may train her for Therapy Dog work in the future.
Edda at 6 weeks
Edda, Noora and Kai
The Stars at any picnic they attend
Edda at 16 weeks
Edda and pal at play
Edda Run at 6 months
Edda meets Miss Vermont Chelsea Ingram
.... and wants to know where her crown is?
Edda at 6 months!
Lokasteinn Edda Rún lookin' good in the winter snow!
Yippee!, I'm almost 1 year old!
Lovely Edda Run at one year old!