Jenison aka Jeni (named after Jenison Fieldhouse at Michigan State University)
found her "forever" home at just over four years of age after spending the first
years of her life in a neglectful situation. Thanks to the power of networking,
Jeni and her siblings all found new homes, and Jeni is making the most of her
new life.

 She has three doggy siblings but her mom isn't afraid to admit Jeni is her
favorite and her "heart dog." Jeni loves playing with the other dogs but also
does agility, has dabbled in herding and lure coursing and is getting started in
rally and canine freestyle. She earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate in
October 2013 just after turning five and less than a year after arriving at her new
home. She is starting her career in CPE agility, where a few titles would be nice
but the most important thing is that she is having fun and living up to her
potential as an smart, sporty, active and loved companion
Jeni and her new K-9 Family, happy in her new home
                              Jeni lure coursing                                                      Jeni swimming
              Jeni doing weaves                                                      Jeni herding
Jeni, a Certified Canine Good Citizen
Not long after Jeni and Gabi earned their
Canine Good Citizen Advanced Award!
Go Jeni!
From Rescue Dog in need of a home to the very First Icelandic
Sheepdog Trick Dog Champion!  Jeni with her Trick Dog Champion
Medal.  Congratulations Gabi and Jeni!
 See Jeni's tricks here!