In the Spring of 2011, a group of responsible breeders founded Icelandic Sheepdogs in America, a fund
raising initiative to insure that Icelandic Sheepdogs in America can be rescued from shelters,
undesirable living situations and found suitable homes whenever necessary.  Icelandic Sheepdogs in
America supports Icelandic Sheepdog rescue promoting an annual source of funding for breed rescue,
whose operating budget is 100% contribution based. We have established a fee schedule for
contributors’ participation in our website. 80% of the fees will be directed to breed rescue efforts and
will enable our breed rescue organization to do what it was founded to do…rescue Icelandic Sheepdogs
in need.  In addition, Icelandic Sheepdogs in America will create and maintain a photo database of
Icelandic Sheepdogs located in America , based on the photos/information provided by contributors, to
assist in rescue identification.   

In an effort to recognize and foster a sense of community among its contributors, Icelandic Sheepdogs
in America will maintain a community directory by geographic region on our website (Icelandicsheepdog.
us) with web space for owners to discuss their dogs, the activities they are involved in and provide
photos & limited contact information for opportunities to interact.  Space will be provided for breeders
and stud owners to list age appropriate health tested Icelandic Sheepdogs.  Our website will be updated
quarterly affording an opportunity for the advertising of gatherings, events of interest, litters and older
dogs available for sale/re-homing. 20% of the scheduled fee will be used to maintain and advertise the
Icelandic Sheepdogs in America website.

Our website recognizes the achievements of owners, fanciers, breeders and studs within the
community.  Many have brought their dogs to AKC Championships, earned titles in Agility, Obedience
and Rally, Breeder of Merit and are involved in their own canine communities.  By sharing news and
information in a user friendly geographic format, we hope to facilitate connections between fanciers,
owners, breeders and stud owners with shared interests.                  

The founders of Icelandic Sheepdogs in America are not affiliated with any one club but all are
breeders, stud owners and fanciers who believe in leading by example.  We realize that rescue need not
be the first safety net for an Icelandic Sheepdog in need.  We employ return to breeder clauses in our
new owner agreement contracts and take responsibility for re-homing our puppies and older dogs when
the need arises to assure their welfare.  We follow the best breeding practices, health testing the sires
and dams of our litters, guard against over breeding or breeding too young and we register all of our
dogs with the AKC and follow AKC breeding guidelines.  All studs and brood bitches must be AKC
registered and breeders must follow AKC breeding guidelines to be listed on this website.

This is an independent fund raising endeavor undertaken by concerned individuals from the Icelandic
Sheepdog community in America and abroad.  With our website, we aspire to sustain a well funded
Icelandic Sheepdog breed rescue effort and establish ties within the community of contributors. If you
would like more information about Icelandic Sheepdogs in America or would like to participate in this
website please contact…