Fox Meadow Icelandics
Jo-Ann Secondino in north central Maryland  and partner Jonathan
Pickett  of Woodbine care for a delightful pack of Icelandics. They both
are strongly committed to the welfare of their dogs and this breed.  
They have imported dogs from uncommon pedigrees here in the USA to
create diversity and then brought those dogs to success in the show
ring.  Jo-Ann and Jon's dogs were the first to walk into an AKC ring as a
fully accepted breed on July 2, 2010 earning the very first majors and
placements of the breed in Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Reserve
Dog and Reserve Bitch, and best 6-9 month puppy.

They employ Holistic methods in the care and keeping of their dogs both
in diet and in medicine.  They believe that early socialization is the key
to a happy well balanced dog and Jo-Ann starts each puppy born in her
home down that path as soon as they are born with gentle handling
and  days later with early neuro-stimulation.  In later weeks they get the
treat of going to visit her small town's shopkeepers frequently.  Giving
them the experience of walking on lead, encountering traffic, greeting
new people politely in new environments and learning general good
manners in an upbeat and fun way

Jo-Ann and Jon believe that all breeders should take responsibility for
any homeless, abused or unwanted Icelandic Sheepdogs and have
taken several in to be rehomed.   They are delighted for the opportunity
to support those who are on the front lines doing such worth while
rescue work.

Jo-Ann is offering Fox Meadow Jolasveinn, Reykjadals Hrafn Dreki, Fox
Meadow Thorra Garri and Runestone Toblerone Kaffison who resides in
CT. up for stud
Reykjadals Hrafn Dreki
Dreki came to Jo-Ann in 2011 from
Iceland via Nova Scotia.  Jo-Ann had
admired this boy in photos taken by his
breeder and dear friend Brynhildur Inga
Einarsdottir for years.  She is beyond
delighted that he resides with her now.  
Dreki is a member of the rare "O" line
AKC-CH, UKC-CH, INT/NAT Junghund CH  Fox Meadow Jolasveinn
Dreki and best pal Viking Hippi
AKC-Ch, UKC-Ch, INT/NAT Champion
Isi Kaffisukkolathi
Jolasveinn is a good natured guy, and
willing to try anything.  He's earned his
United Kennel Club (UKC) championship
and has acheived a Best in Multibreed
Show (BIS) award while competing in the
UKC  and an International and National
Junghund Championship from the IABCA.  
Jolasveinn was ranked as the #14 Icelandic
Sheepdog in 2011

In February 2012, Jolasveinn became an
AKC Champion - all points coming from the
Bred by Exhibitor Class.  He is not only one
of a very few short coated champions in
the USA, he is the very first Bred by
Champion.  Jolasveinn certainly is following
in his Dad's pawprints.  

Jolasveinn has sired 3 litters, two via frozen
semen in Finland making him the first AKC
registered North American stud to do so.
The first Icelandic Sheepdog to be seen in a
Nationally Televised Dog Show at the
National Dog Show in 2010
Kaffi at the introduction of the new breeds during the televised closing of NASDAQ
with the "voice of the Westminster Dog Show" David Frei.  Kaffi was the very first
Icelandic Sheepdog Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster in 2011, he ranked #3 in
breed and was the #1 male Icelandic Sheepdog in 2010 after very limited exhibition.  
The press loved Kaffi and his photos were chosen by the editors of both Time
Magazine and Sports Illustrated to represent all 6 new AKC breeds in 2010 in their
publications.  We were interviewed at Westminster by a CBS reporter and that
interview has been seen all the way to Moscow Russia.  Kaffi was bred by Andrea
Mitgau of Germany, he is an absolute charmer, has the most delightful disposition and
is a wonderful ambassador for the breed.
Some days we almost look like we know
what we are doing
Runestone Toblerone Kaffison
Tobi was bred by Elaine Mozur of
Runestone Icelandics a dear friend and is
co-owned by Jo-Ann and her father
Joseph  who resides in Ct.

Tobi was honored in 2009 by the editors
of Dog Fancy magazine by being
selected to be the inset photo for the
cover of their January issue, when they
did a feature on the breed.  

Tobi is available for stud, he has
complete dentition, nice level topline and
great coat texture.
Viking Lilja
Viking Lilja was bred by Elisabet Stacy Hurley of Viking
Icelandics and is Jo-Ann's very first Icelandic Sheepdog.  
She's appeared in articles about the breed in Dogs in
Review and was selected to appear in Purina Dog Chow's
Virtual Dog Park  in New York City's Times Square in 2008.

She's a delightfully sweet cuddly dog, who is very biddable
with great herding and play drive.
UKC-CH, INT/NAT-CH Thordunu Leppatuska
"Elsie" comes to Jo-Ann from breeder Sigurlaug Hauksdottir of Iceland.  Her intelligence,
agility, and work ethic is absolutely incredible.  She has a fabulous personality and is just so
devoted to her people and her puppies.  There is nothing better than getting greeted by one
of Elsie's smiles.

Elsie has earned UKC, National and International Championships and has points towards her
AKC championship.  She's been featured in articles about the breed in Baltimore Dog and
Show Sight magazine.  She was also selected to participate in Purina's Virtual Dog Park in
New Yorks Times Square and her photo was chosen to be published in the World's Cutest
AKC-CH, UKC- CH Isdalur's Carrie
Carrie comes to Jo-Ann from Eveline Schutz
of Germany.  She's a lovely young lady, a
very happy go lucky girl with wonderful
herding and play drive.

Carrie has earned a major and points
towards her AKC championship.  Her photo
has been featured in an article about the
breed in Show Sight magazine.  She like
Reykjadals Hrafn Dreki is a member of the
rare "O" line.
Fox Meadow Ástrós Blómálfur
Rosie is from our 2010 Elf litter out of our Thordunu Leppatuska and
Runestone Toblerone.  Jon help deliver her and ever since then she has
been "his girl,"  so I made Rosie his 40th Birthday gift.

To acknowledge this special bond and to give Jon recognition for all his
patience and contributions, the two will have their own "Kennel name"
and Rosie will be bred under the Álfagarður Icelandics prefix.