Are you looking to meet and hang-out with other Awesome Icelandic Sheepdog

Would you like to play some games?  Do an AKC Conformation Show?  How
about trying Herding?

We found a weekend that you can do all that!!
Check out the slide show from 2013's Icetoberfest
Check out the Slide Show from 2014

After a few years of being told how folks missed the gatherings we used to have, we have finally
planned another in 2013 and now it's an annual event.  We'll have fun all day at the

Salt-Box Ball Park in Woodbine, Maryland

(click link for directions).
Look for the Pink Balloons and Tents!
Community Events
Come join the fun

October 7, 8. 9,  2016
Woodbine, MD
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Pre-registration Forms are here!
Remember this event is organized without a budget - the fun happens with your
Pre-Registration donation.

**Pre-Registration must be received by Sept. 30, 2016 to attend.**  
Fun is planned for those who want to hang out with old friends and new at Salt Box
Park.  Current "Planned Events"  Rally Fun Match, Agility Fun Match, Barn Hunt  K-9
Musical Chairs and more. (stay tuned for more details)  If you've never heard of
Icetoberfest or an Icie gathering, check out the slide show from 2013 and 2014 above.