**  2016 Registration Application  **

pre-registration is required to attend, registration must be received by 9/25/16

Check out the slide show from 2013's Icetoberfest
Check out the Slide Show from 2014

After a few years of being told how folks missed the gatherings we used to have, we have finally
planned another in 2013 and now it's an annual event.  We'll have fun all day at the

Salt-Box Ball Park in Woodbine, Maryland

(click link for directions).
Look for the Pink Balloons and Tents!

Thank you to all who made Icetoberfest 2015 a Success.
Over $3000.00 was raised for the NISRA and fun was had by all
Lets beat that goal this year!

The NISRA had a busy 2015 and 2016 let's send them into 2017 ready to help as
many dogs as they can!
Community Events
Come join the fun!
Fun is planned for those who want to hang out with old friends and new at Salt Box Park.  Current "Planned Events"  Rally
Fun Match, Agility Fun Match, Barn Hunt  K-9 Musical Chairs and more. (stay tuned for more details)  If you've never heard
of Icetoberfest or an Icie gathering, check out the Slide show from 2013 and 2014 above.

Trish Baker will be available throughout the day to do Canine Good Citizen Tests, (CGC) this is now an official AKC title,  
the fee is $20.00, a portion of this fee will go to
Attitudes in Reverse .  As well as, Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog
Certification for a $20.00 fee.

Sherry Seibel, DVM of
Seibel Veterinary Services will be conducting at Icetoberfest

1.  CHIC blood draws- $45.00

Attention remember you must pre-order a Blood Draw DNA kit:
To Participate, complete the following application form and submit to the OFA.  You will receive the appropriate swab or
blood collection kit in the mail. The health survey below may be completed online, printed, and mailed to the OFA with the
DNA samples.
Health Survey DNA Application

2.  Microchips $40
3.  4 Dx heartworm test $45
( tests for 3 tickborne diseases in addition to hw)  
4.  Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Chem profile 12   $120
5. OFA thyroid test (MSU) requires an additional fee payable to OFA   $125
6.  Rabies Vaccinations with brief exam  $20.00


Donations towards the Fun
Thank you so much for your donation

Jennifer Rulon, Harold Cartwright, Viking Hnerri and Fox Meadow Solstodu Saefari
Custom Frisbees for hospitality bags donated by Cathy Lallemand,
Thrymheim Icelandics

Tentative Icetoberfest Schedule

Friday 10/07/16

  • 2:30 pm
  • Velkomin
  • Icetoberfest begins!

  • 3:30pm
  • Leif Eriksson's Day Games

  • 5:00 pm
  • kvöldmatur (Dinner) by Fairy light

Saturday 10/8/16
9:00 am
Icetoberfest Gate Opens
Morgunmatur (Breakfast) in the Ball Field with curly tailed friends.
Trish Baker will be doing CGC and Therapy Dog Certifications through out the day.
Sherry Seibel of Seibel Veterinary Services will be conducting CHIC blood draws as well as other services

10:00 am
K-9 Search and Rescue Demo with Mike Koster and Lokasteinn Noora.
Noora is the only certified SAR Icelandic Sheepdog in the USA.  Mike and Noora will be available all day to show you how
you and your Icelandic Sheepdog can be a SAR team too.

10:30 am
Agility Fun Match
(with advanced and novice runs - no experience necessary - really!)

Handling Class for Novice Handlers with professional Handler Rebecca Clas Kirzner
followed by mentoring with experienced Icelandic Sheepdog owners.

12:00 pm
Hádegismatur (Lunch) Grab and Growl Super Subs, Soups and Salads
Raffle Drawing

12:45 pm
Exhibition of Champions (Champion and Major pointed Dogs)

Exhibition of Veterans

Fun match:
(open to all Intact and Altered dogs - show your dog to Best of Breed )
2 - 4 month puppy
4 - 6 month puppy
6 - 9 month puppy
9 - 12 month puppy
12 - 18 month puppy
Open Dog / Bitch

Junior Showmanship
encourage the kids to give it  try - I bought ribbons!

Performance Dog Cavalcade!

2:00 pm
Barn Hunt with Penny Haynes and Ras
events may overlap slightly

2:30 pm
Nose Work Fun Match
A timed "Nose work" course that is sure to be hilarious, have your four footed partner start finding treats around the house

5:00 pm
kvöldmatur (Dinner)

Sunday 10/09/16

9:00 am
Morgunmatur (Leif Erikssons Day Breakfast)

10:00 am
Updog combines Disc dog and Agility  for double the fun
Lure Coursing Fun Run
Wear your pup out before the ride home!

12:00 pm
Hádegismatur (Lunch)

1:00 pm
Lure Coursing Fun Run
Wear your pup out before the ride home!

3:00 pm
Icetoberfest rolls up the Pink tents until next year.
October 7, 8, and 9, 2016
Woodbine,  Maryland