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The Lavender Bistro
205 Fashion Circle,  
        Rutherfordton, NC 28139                  

The Lavender Bistro will be serving the winning recipes from our Virtual
Chili Cook-off all proceeds will benefit the National Icelandic Sheepdog
Rescue Alliance.  Beginning on March 5th, the Lavender Bistro will be
featuring a recipe each week from each of the classes starting with  
Best in Show Chili!

See below for more about our Virtual Chili Cook-off with 18 entries from
the USA, Great Britain, Sweden and Canada!  Helping Icelandic
Sheepdogs is an International Effort!

(Fellow Icelandic Sheepdog Owners J.P. and Judi Debeuf of the Lavender Bistro in North Carolina, our judges)

We are always looking for fun ways to raise money for rescue, Judi and J.P. not only offered to judge our
Virtual Chili Cook-off but to also serve it on the Lavender Bistro's menu with the proceeds going to rescue!

How awesome are they!!

All recipes were submitted anonymously in 5 different classes - Traditional (red sauce), White Chili, Exotic,
Vegetarian and Junior Handler.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted recipes here is how Judi and J.P placed the entries in each class


1st place Kaffi's  Aztec Madness Chili from Fox Meadow Icelandics
2nd place  Saela's Savory Pork Chili from Hrafna Icelandics, Receiving the Burn your House Down Award.
3rd place Wild Card Chili from Lokasteinn Icelandics, Receiving the Black Magic Award.
4th place Jason Cook and Fox Meadow Thorra Bylur's Chili, Receiving the Special Icie Recognition Award.
Lee's Chili from Jennifer Sanders and Vinlands Leifur, Receiving the Red Hot Mama Award.
Red Dog Chili from Brekkubrun Icelandics, Receiving the Best Beanless Chili Award.
Tommy's Swedish Chili from Dilja's Icelandics, Receiving The Best Scandinavian Chili Award.
Jess' Red Chili from Frostfyre Icelandics, Receiving The Most Peppertastic Award.
Chili Canadian Style from Margaret Livington, Greenstone Bjarki & Mack Hill Roki Alberta Boy
Receiving The Best Chili North of the Border Award.
Runestone Chili from the gals of Runestone Icelandics, Receiving the Best Spicy Combination Award
Viking Chili from Vikings Icelandics, Receiving the Best Low Fat Chili Award.

White Chili

1st place Dreki's Polar Chili from Fox Meadow Icelandics
2nd place  Jess' White Bean Chili


1st place  Jolasveinn's Red Nose Venison Chili from Fox Meadow Icelandics


1st place The Fox Meadow Girls Mayan Medley Chili From Fox Meadow Icelandics

Junior Handlers

1st place Peregrine and Imaldur's Meaty Chili From Hrafna Icelandics, Receiving the Best Technique Award
2nd place  Whitetail Boyz Chili from Whitetail Icelandics,  
Receiving the Best Use of McCormick Seasonings Award
3rd place Josh and Heitha's Hotlandic Chili, Receiving the Lip Remover Award

Best in Show Chili
Kaffi's Aztec Madness Chili

Commemorative Medals Acknowledging their awards will be sent to
everyone who participated

Congratulations to all and thank you for participating!!!!

All Recipes will be included in our upcoming Fund raiser Cookbook to benefit Icelandic Sheepdog Rescue.
Virtual Chili Cook-off
to benefit the
National Icelandic Sheepdog Rescue Alliance