2011  Contributors
Many Thanks to all those Icelandic Sheepdog  Breeders, Stud Owners and Fanciers who
have Contributed to our project of helping to keep Icelandic Sheepdog Breed Rescue funded
in  2011.  It is our responsibility to keep our breed out of rescue shelters and in homes,
working together is the only way to accomplish this.  Thank you again for all your generosity
and for being part of this project.
Audurs Icelandics
Blackstar Icelandics
Brekkubrun Icelandics
Caradoc Icelandics
Diljas Icelandics
Fox Meadow Hausti Solskin
Fox Meadow Icelandics
Fox Meadow Sneafinnur
Frostfyre's Roskur
Glacier Point Icelandics
Kersins Icelandics
Lokasteinn Icelandics
McEremon Icelandics
Runestone Icelandics
SandCreek Icelandics
Thrymheim Icelandics
Viking Icelandics
Whitetail Icelandics